Coffee Break Clarity #1

People often ask me how I changed my life so dramatically. If you’ve read the About Sandra section of my website then you’ll know that my life was in shambles. I had so much work to do to improve my mental and emotional health and on top of that address my weight issues, my relationship problems, my finances and my social life. With all of that going on I felt like I was drowning in my circumstances and I couldn’t find a way out.

When making big change there are some of us who are able to jump in with both feet, change it up cold turkey and the next day wake up a new person. Then there’s others of us out there who, like me a few years ago, feel so overwhelmed by the information available that we don’t know what advice to follow or what steps to take to get us from point A to point B. In fact, some of us may not even have a clear vision of what Point B is. I know mine looked a lot like having a healthy body weight, not having a panic attack just opening my apartment door and having people in my life who enriched my life instead of energetically draining it.

Change doesn’t have to be an over night thing. It can be as simple as making one decision at a time. That’s how it happened for me. I decided to find a way to cope with my anxiety on a day to day basis. My panic disorder had begun to dictate my life and even though I thought I was functioning well, looking back I can see how much it deteriorated my quality of life. So I started the research: I looked into everything from meditation, binaural beats, chakra healing, deep breathing, listening to certain kinds of music, drinking more water, cutting down on coffee, etc. I researched endlessly to try to understand how these things might help me. Through this I began talking to people about what I was trying to do and had the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle recommended to me. I ordered it online (because I couldn’t go to the book store without a panic attack) and upon reading the first page burst into tears. It resonated with me so deeply and was exactly what I needed to really make the first shifts in my life towards well-being. These choices were the tip of the iceberg. After I learned to take action in small measures it began easier to make the bigger changes that I needed to like upgrading my nutrition and integrating regular exercise in my life.

When you are on a journey and are seeking answers you will find that the people and resources you need are already there and waiting for you. Once I started clearing space in my life for healing I found so much information and so many people that acted as a guide. Your path to your higher self is already there under your feet. You just have to clean it up a bit with one tool and one strategy at a time. You may find that as you address on challenge the benefits will show up in other areas of your life and it’s pretty exciting when small things start making big waves!



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