Is Coaching Right For You?

The first question to address is what is coaching really? 

Coaching is the process used to transport people from where they are to where they want to be. Coaches use a host of tools and resources to assist clients in achieving their goals. A coach will zoom in on obstacles, fears and other challenges that a client may have and guide them out of self-limiting beliefs, into new and expansive perspectives and show them the path to their own personal success.
Sometimes our circumstances in life can feel overwhelming and that because of them we are unable to achieve our big goals or make life changes. The resources are often there to be utilized but when we are bogged down it can be difficult to make room for our dreams and ambitions. Whether you have a clear goal or purpose or feel you aren’t living your Truth we can work together to dismantle self-limiting beliefs, broaden and shift perspectives and get focused so that you can clear space for YOU. Your dreams, goals and desires are worth achieving and as a coach I am here to help you get aligned with your best self so you can walk your path with confidence and clarity.

So how do you know if working with a coach is right for you? 

If you’ve ever asked yourself who you are and what role you play in the world you’ve probably realized that any number of beliefs come up as an answer. It’s easy to define ourselves as our problems, circumstances, jobs, relationships, families, etc. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably felt trapped by some or all of these situations and have resigned yourself to the life that you are living without seeing any way that it could improve or change. Maybe your job relies too heavily on you, your family needs you as their cornerstone or you feel like you are between a rock and a hard place – that is, feeling obligated to stay where you are to serve others, or desiring change to serve yourself.

Did you know that you can have both?

The truth is if you’re struggling to define yourself or figure out your purpose you are already on the right path. I have always believed that it can be challenging to look at ourselves objectively and recognize our own potential. When we cannot see ourselves or our purpose clearly other limiting beliefs come up. Usually they are about how much power we actually have over our lives and the amount of opportunities that exist to realize your dreams and make them happen. I can tell you that I have 100% been there. I spent a lot of time on my own trying out different avenues and going through a lot of trial and error. Something I wished that I had in my early 20’s when I was really trying to work on myself was a coach… Someone who could see me for who I was, who was willing to advocate for me, encourage me, hear me and help me move forward.

It may be that you have big ideas and need the courage to execute them. Maybe you need some help identifying what your dreams are and if they serve you. Maybe you just need someone in your corner to keep you accountable, help you follow through and hold space for you while you walk your path and embrace your journey. If that sounds like you then you just may need a coach to guide you to being your most powerful personal advocate!

Let’s move those mountains!