Packages and Pricing

Coaching is really all about you and what you need. Whether you need one session to get some quick clarity and support so you can go down your path or you feel you need a longer coaching relationship to help you every step of the way I have something for you.

1 Hour Coaching Session:

Have something on your mind or an obstacle you need to help clearing? Need a quick shift in perspective, a bit of inspiration or encouragement to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do? Sometimes an hour is all we need to get inspired and excited to take action.

90 Minute Coaching Session: $190.00 CAD (148.24 USD)

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Do you know how much can change in a day? Imagine how much you can change and grow in 3 months! For three months we’ll catch up week by week. We’ll talk about your challenges, your concerns, your questions. Each session we’ll peel back another layer of you to really help your inner light shine.

9 Weekly Coaching Sessions: $1200.00 CAD (936.26USD)

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